General Rules


This being a dungeon crawl campaign, there won’t be much opportunity to seek out the one who killed your brother or the wizard that betrayed your nation so character backgrounds, while always encouraged and welcome, should try to avoid any such character development opportunities since they won’t likely be pursued since the dungeon is the locale for the entire campaign. That is not to say role-playing won’t occur and isn’t expected, but that PC driven story elements are not the heart and soul of this campaign while the plot hooks provided by the writers are.

PC Creation

3d6 rolled twice, keep the 6 scores desired, place as desired
The intent is to preserve the specialness that a character with a 16, 17 or 18 ability score should bear while reducing the odds of poor rolls since you are playing supposedly above average beings. Starting funds are maxed for each PC.


Each race has its own wiki.


Each class allowed has its own wiki.


Only the player’s handbook should be used for purchasing of equipment. Masterwork items are not available nor is anything over 100 gp, save for chainmail which is available. Food and water will be tracked, as will encumbrance.

Gods Worshipped

While it is certainly not necessary to choose a deity revered by your PC, if one is desired use the standard deities from the player’s handbook.


Spells can be selected from the player’s handbook or class books. Spell components will not be tracked unless they are special in nature and/or over 1 gp in value.


All PCs start with a magic item given to them by their mentor. Upon approval of their PC for play the GM will provide this magic item to the player.

General Rules

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